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Redecorating Your Apartment for the New Year? Here Are a Few Tips!

Posted by Ryan Potvin on Jan 22, 2019 4:05:35 PM

apartment decoratingThe holidays have come and gone and you have just taken down the festive decorations and are looking at your cozy apartment wondering what the new year will bring. One great way to keep your space fresh and new is to redecorate it! In order to greet the new year with a new perspective we have put together some tips for redecorating your apartment for the new year!

Decorate or Rearrange Your Bookcase

A bookcase and its contents can instantly transform the look and feel of your apartment. Not only are they functional as storage, they also are an opportunity to fill the room with your personality. If you already have an apartment full of bookcases, consider reorganizing them. Have the shelves filled with knick knacks, clutter or become a place holder for a variety of random objects? Organize and declutter!  Change the organizational scheme for your books. If the book shelf displays pictures, curios or cherished items, look for different ways to display them. Decorate the bookcase itself by applying removable wallpaper or decals to the back of the shelf.

Keep the Lights On

Are you trying to figure out ways to keep your holiday lights on without being one of those people who keeps their holiday lights on all year? Re-purpose your old lights or introduce new lighting schemes into your apartment. String your lights behind a row of books or pictures or behind a set of curtains to create a warm back-light perfect for quiet evenings, movie nights or a romantic dinner. Or create a light fixture by coiling your lights inside a glass jar that can be used as a center piece or a lamp.

Swap out old light fixtures for new ones like pendant lamps, wall sconces, or more stylish floor lamps, overheads or table lamps.

Hang Mirrors

Not only do mirrors add vertical height to a room, they are also create visual space which is great for apartments and smaller rooms. A large mirror in the living room brightens it, and if art work is placed strategically, it can reflect great wall prints. A well placed mirror can act as one of many gallery pieces on the wall that includes photographs or art work.

Switch Out Key Furniture Pieces in the Living Room

Are you feeling a little more brave and ready to take the plunge with a new piece of furniture like a sofa, coffee table or tv cabinet? The sofa is the central piece in any living room. Invest in one that is the largest for your particular space and don’t worry about style since there are attractive sofas for smaller spaces just as there are for larger. A coffee table can add personality as well as function, but also consider an ottoman which can double as a bench as well as provide storage for blankets or magazines. Place a tray on the ottoman for drinks or a snack. Choose a narrow tv or media cabinet with lots of drawers, shelves and doors for extra living room storage.

Add a Rug

A well chosen rug placed well can turn a dull room into something more interesting and stylish. Rugs can define spaces and create distinctions between your living and dining areas. Rugs create visual variety as well as harmony by reinforcing  predominant color schemes.  A rug can reinforce a color scheme that already exists or it can be the basis for a new one. Don’t forget that a rug can be also used to decorate a wall as a focal point for a room or to change the atmosphere.

Get the most out of your space and be intentional about creating a stylish haven no matter the size of the apartment. Use these decorating tips for your apartment and enjoy the new year with us!

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