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Making Your Apartment Cozy for Winter

Posted by Ryan Potvin on Nov 30, 2018 3:36:52 PM

Making Your Apartment Cozy in WinterWe know once the weather gets colder outside the first thing we want to do is reach to turn up the thermostat. Turning on the heat too early or too often usually ends in higher energy bills. 

Take a look at these tips on ways for you to stay cozy inside of your apartment this winter without blasting the heat. 

Completely Cover Drafts

The two most common ways that cold winds silently sneak into the home is through openings such as, windows and doors. To keep your home warm and lower your energy bills in the winter, start by covering all the drafts through your windows and doors.

Fleece draft guards are relatively inexpensive, or you can roll up a blanket or towel to cover the draft. If you want to insulate the whole window, shrink-wrap kits are easy to install and remove.

Flip The Switch

Redistribution of warm air can make a room feel warm and more comfortable to you and your family. In the winter, ceiling fans should rotate clockwise at a low speed to pull cool air up. The gentle updraft pushes warm air, which naturally rises to the ceiling, down along the walls and back the floor. 

Cover Up

Make sure to layer up with sweaters, sweatpants, socks and even slippers. Adding layers while at home is the best way to save money and not have to turn up the heat. Our hands and feet seem to be the two body parts that usually get the first of the cold. Keep mittens and warm fuzzy socks nearby! 

Insulate The Outlets

If you have covered your drafts and covered doors and are still experiencing cool air, it can be from your outlets. Yes, it seems strange that heat could escape from such a small outlet. Read here to follow the instructions on how to insulate your outlets safely.

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